Positive news from Oresund Drydocks regarding application of antifouling paint

Oresund Drydock has together with the manufacturers Akzo-Nobel/International, Hempel, Jotun and PPG-Sigma been granted approval for 10 additional AF-products to be used at our yard:
•Intersmooth 360
•HempaGuard X7 89900
•Hempel Antifouling Dynamic 79560
•Hempel Antifouling Globic 6000 75950
•SeaQuantum Ultra S
•Sigma Ecofleet 690
•Sigma Sailadvance DX
•Sigma Sailadvance GX
•Sigma Sailadvance RX
•Sigma Nexeon 710

We are very happy for this approval granted by the Swedish Chemicals Agency which mean that we at ODD now can apply AF products of the latest generation. Please see attached full list of antifouling products now approved for application at Oresund Drydocks.

For more information regarding this matter, please contact us!

Looking forward to see you at our yard so that we can assist in improving your vessels performance!


After a hectic spring we have now entered summer and Sweden celebrated Midsummer June 24th. A lot happened at ODD during springtime and we have had full speed in our docks for quite some time now.

Three Imperial vessels, Obbola, Östrand and Ortviken. Four vessels from Eimskip, Polfoss, Stigfoss, Vidfoss and Langfoss. Villum Clausen, Sea Explorer/Hebridean Sky, Gabriella, Gute, Ramira, Baltic Bright, Island Centurion, Express, Vägfärjan Göta, Ekfors, Link Star are also projects we have had a visit from.

We thank you all for your trust and wish you welcome back!

Below some pictures from the Projects.

Don’t forget! We Keep You Sailing!


We thank you all for taking you time to visit us at both Posidonia and Maritime day in Åland!

Looking forward to see you all again at SMM September 6-9 in Booth B2.EG.216. Come and visit us!
If you want to Schedule a meeting with Anders or Magnus contact them by e-mail.
Anders Larsson, VP, ala@oddab.eu or Magnus Malmström Sales Manager mmm@oddab.eu

Maritime Day



New Members of the Team ODD

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Darren Edwards
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Camil Mihalcea
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Leo Pavelic

Going to DSM 2015? Visit us!

Donsö Shipping Meet September 1-2, 2015 presents a unique opportunity for us to meet and share ideas, discuss future business, as well as get a glimpse of what we have achieved for our other clients.

We’d like to invite you to our booth North 65.
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Looking forward to meet you there!
You find more information about DSM 2015 on this link

Kind regards
Marketing & Sales Manager Magnus Malmström and
the ODD Crew